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The XS-1 was created to bring you the very best on the water experience. Fast, stable and versatile, the XS-1 is equipped to handle any adventure. A stable outrigger design combined with plenty of storage and a sleek v-shaped hull bring a level of performance, capability, and fun that can only be experienced in the TriKayak XS-1.

Built to maximize your recreational enjoyment, the unique, adjustable outrigger system of the XS-1 can be easily locked into several positions to provide you with a variety of on the water capabilities. The wide stance of the deployed outriggers takes the hassle out of launching – the stability makes getting in-and-out of the kayak a breeze. The outriggers were carefully designed not to obstruct paddling, and they tuck into the side of the main hull nicely to give you a more challenging kayaking experience. Moreover, their tapered shape minimizes drag, while still providing buoyancy to maintain a stable upright position.

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We are currently in the process of perfecting the Tri-Kayak XS-1 and will have it available for purchase this spring 2014. It is of the utmost importance to us here at J Design & Manufacturing to bring you the very best kayak that meets your needs. Please remain patient as we hope to have you out on the water and paddling in no time!

Jim Reynolds
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